Aroha courses and events

Enriched Wellness Course with

Jane Walters

8 weeks, every Tuesday 10am till 12pm at Aroha Health Spa

start date: 12. July 2022

 $199 and comes with a free book: The Desire Factor

How to Embrace your materialistic nature to Reclaim your full spiritual power.

The principle of Alignment : Alignment is the key to everything you desire.

The principle of focus: As humans you have your personal free will and choice about everything. How you exercise this free will is in your focus.

The principle of joyful expectancy: When you decide what you desire and allow the flow of pure positive energy to move through you towards that desire, that will then become your experience.

The principle of Having: You are in a vibrational universe and the experience of having brings the fulfillment of the desire.

The principle of Loving: Love is the creative force in the universe that is a direct action from the Divine to bring creation into form.

The principle of Surrender: Surrender is necessary to deliberately create the life you desire.

The principle of Action: You are co-creating with your Divine self. Your Divine self will give you the idea and desire, will be the source of energy needed to flow to the desire.

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