Holistic Health Care

Health Consultations

Herbal remedies, dietary recommendations, naturopathic

treatments, homeobotanical consultations & more - enquire within.

Colon Hydrotherapy

A gentle colon flush to eliminate toxins

Initial Session                                                         90mins                $135

Sessions                                                                  60mins                $95

Concession cards available (3 or more)

Naturopathic Consult (incl Iridology photo)

Iridology photo only (with short analysis)            30mins               $50

Full consultation                                                    120mins             $140

Holistic Pulsing

A fully clothed treatment based on the principle   60mins              $90

of rhythm, applied in the form of rocking &            90mins             $130

stretching. For emotional & physical healing,

self awareness and growth.

Mind-Body Medicine

Connecting the mind and body by using a              60mins             $90

variety of skills and techniques to focus on           90mins            $130

ways in which emotional, mental, spiritual and

behavioural factors can directly affect our health.

TLC - wellness treatment

Transcend Light Communication for healing,        60mins             $90

on all levels; incorporating various types of           90mins            $130

bodywork modalities, intuition, empowerment and guidance.

Re-Turn to Self

Enhancing your wellbeing while supporting           75mins            $120

your desire to re-connect, strengthen, and

align to a more vibrant self. Utilizing transformative frequencies/energy and

universal assisted learning; stimulating and inspiring positive change.