Holistic Health Care

Holistic Bodywork

Embark on a personalized wellness journey with a refined blend of massage, myofascial cupping, holistic pulsing, and reflexology. Elevate your experience with a tailored treatment designed exclusively for your unique needs.

Holistic Pulsing - Mind/Body Therapy

Holistic pulsing is a therapeutic method that uses gentle rocking movements to promote relaxation and well-being. It involves rhythmic pulsing applied to different body parts, helping release tension and stress, and fostering a mind-body connection for overall health.

Colon Hydrotherapy 

A gentle colon flush to refresh and revive the body and mind. Boost immunity, eliminate toxins, lose weight, and alleviate gut issues.

Initial session 90min $155

Regular session 60min $120

Life Coaching

The "Break Through" holistic life coaching approach empowers individuals to harness their full potential by integrating a variety of health modalities, life skills, and expert guidance.

sessions starting from $150 allow 60-90min

Deeply relaxing intuitive Massage

Tailored for optimal relaxation, self-awareness, and overall well-being, our personalized treatment is meticulously designed to restore and harmonize the body's energy flow.

Naturopathic Consult

Iridology photo with short analysis                     30min $70

Full consulation                                          allow 120min $200