Massage Therapy

Head Massage

Enjoy a relaxing head massage to relieve             30mins         $50

all tensions and worries - incl neck & shoulders

Blissful Feet

Foot scrub + foot & calf massage                            30mins        $50

Deep Tissue                            

Realigning deeper layers of muscles, and              60mins          $90

releasing areas of tension and pain                        90mins          $130

Aroha Touch - relaxation massage

A full body massage with the use and benefit          60mins        $90

of locally produced Tui Balms.                                    90mins        $130

Advanced Clinical Massage

A combination of therapeutic massage                   60mins        $90

techniques including myofascial release,                90mins        $130

to relieve tension & pain, restore function & mobility.

(also suitable for pregnant women)

Hot Stone Treatment

A relaxing and warming, therapeutic massage        75mins      $120

treatment with heated stones.                                   90mins       $150

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle, nurturing massage aiming to ease            60mins        $90

discomforts and bring deep relaxation.                    90mins        $130