Fascial Release for Structural Balance

For postural alignment, balance and flexibility. A series of three, up to 90 minute, interactive sessions, including postural assessments and hands-on fascial release techniques aiming to change long-held patterns of posture and movement.

Each session includes postural assessments to determine structural and functional compensation patterns. Much of the session's work is done on a treatment table, while some work will be done seated or standing. You will participate during the sessions with active movement, which helps to regain a sense of connection to your body.

The 3 sessions offer a structured approach to address and release fascial holding patterns, starting from the feet - the foundation, working systematically up the body. After the 3rd session, the body as a whole connected being has been addressed.

The series of 3 structural balance sessions are beneficial for those with chronic pain, struggling to recover from injuries, or for people who are looking to improve their posture.

Based on Dr Ida Rolf's pioneering work, known as Rolfing, developed by Thomas Myers as Anatomy Trains. This structural body work focused on myofascial meridians brings clarity and a gentle effectiveness to structural integration.

Most of the sessions are done in underwear, swimwear or similar clothing, do make sure you feel comfortable and are able to move freely.

Photos are sometimes taken at the start and end of the 3 sessions for evaluation and progress review.

Series of three, up to 90 minute sessions   $350 (payable at first session)

Follow up sessions   90 min  $130

For more information contact Marjo