Universal School of Health & Awareness

  • Private sessions
  • Recognized courses and practitioner training for qualified therapists in different Holistic Health modalities
  • Workshops - Holistic Pulsing & Bodywork
  • Retreats
  • Lectures, Education and Hands On practice to integrate new skills
  • Online Wellness/Healing sessions (custom designed)
  • Library
  • Drawing on Inner Wisdom card set & booklet available
  • Spirited Conversations and more

For private sessions with Berdina follow this link to see what is available.

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About Berdina Brinkman:

Berdina is a Dutch born spiritual teacher, holistic healthcare practitioner and intuitive healer with 25 years experience.

She trained and worked in Europe, USA, and New Zealand. In 2015 she opened the Aroha Health Spa in New Zealand, and in 2018 started to teach and share her gifts and knowledge through the school of USHA, Universal School of Health and Awareness.

Berdina is very passionate about human consciousness, spirituality, health, and energy medicine.